No Dick Pics Please at Hamilton Fringe was a great success...

Photo by Greg Gaines

Now that the Hamilton Fringe Festival 2017 is over, I must say it was great to be performing No Dick Pics Please at the b Contemporary Gallery at the Hamilton Fringe Festival.

I love the Fringe experience. The buzz around town is contagious. The opportunity to meet so many new performers and new people in the audiences is truly a delight. I was so excited to be presenting this show and to have my Mom in the front row.

I'm sure that many of you heard about the defacing of the Fringe show posters and they didn't leave my show out of their sights. My posters were filled with religious and anti-feminist quotes. This was an experience in public censorship that I had never had. The support that came as a result of that was so heartfelt.

It was a great experience to write a second chapter to BorderLine Me. After all life goes on.

This show had a more comedic side to it, as I learned to date in my fifties. The laughter from the audience reflected the success of that and warmed my heart, leaving me wanting more, to immerse myself in more writing and performing. The experience has sparked and fuelled my desire to create and push my own limits of trying new things.

I am now exploring and expanding the show, reflecting on my Mustang Ranch experience and expanding into a stand-up comedy routine.

It is possible that both BorderLine Me and No Dick Pics Please can be merged into one. The possibilities are endless, for which I am so grateful and incredibly excited.

I want to thank the volunteers and staff, Claire Calnan, the Director of the Hamilton Fringe, David Brace, the owner of b Contemporary Gallery for hosting me and a special thanks to my Director, Gary Santucci of the Pearl Company, and an extra special thanks to all of you who came out to the show and supported it in any way. You inspire me to do what I do.

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