“Robin is an incredible individual, whose spirit, drive, and passion has had a tremendous impact on the Halton Collaborative Against Human Trafficking and the work that we do. Through the sharing of her lived experience, Robin has touched both the lives of our members and the clients we support. Robin is an incredible speaker, whose eloquent words have the power to move everyone in the room. We highly recommend her as a speaker and leader.“ 

Kat Gibbons 

Project Coordinator 

Halton Collaborative Against Human Trafficking 


"I was impressed with Robin’s presence on stage and use of voice. Her story was moving and strong. Robin was authentic in the discussion afterwards and handled the Q and A very well."

Anjlee Bahl, MSW, RSW
Hamilton Family Health Team

Robin Zee was invited by The Hamilton Recovery Awareness Day Committee in 2016 to come and share her story at our event Hamilton Recovery Awareness Day Dinner to help us celebrate our 10thanniversary. Every year RAD celebrates and honors the recovery path of individuals living with Substance Use and Concurrent Disorders. Robin joined us and wowed a room of over 500 with her unique performance of Borderline Me. Her talents and the creative way she shared, was met with great enthusiasm and a standing ovation. Thank you so much Robin for inspiring others in recovery with your spectacular work. We always look forward to Robin’s participation in our events. 

 The Hamilton Recovery Awareness Day Committe

"RobinZ offers an intimate part of herself with no holds barred.  By the end of the piece one is tempted to call out "GO GIRL"."

Gail N.

"Robin takes over the stage with a powerful presence and is not afraid of using her whole body and emotion to convey the complexities of her experience. The audience is transported!!"

Rachel Z.

Robin Zilberg can add value to your next event beyond the arts as she is now available for speaking engagements on a variety of topics including:

*human trafficking- a personal story of triumph

*mapping your way out of addiction

*navigating life
*finding happy
*surviving parenthood
*mental health
*courage despite fear
*life at 60

*protecting the gift- our children
*how did i get here
*dealing with assholes with grace and humour
*never underestimate a person's ability to shine
*what’s it (life) all about

+ many other topics that can be negotiated with Robin based on her vast experience.





During the moments in my days where I have a pause, I find myself thinking of your show. It was so deep it’s given me so much to think about. Such a perspective shift. Insights obtained. Sadness. The lesson of overcoming adversity. Being brave. Not giving up.

You are truly an amazing person. Thanks for sharing yourself. You are creating very deep connections. 

Jeff Z.

Two nights ago... I had an invigoratingly great privilege of attending Robin Zee's *BorderLine Me" sold out show. The tremendously deep feels* I felt from opening moments of rain falling and first words spoken to last emotionally elating words and breaths felt and heard from the entire room... 
Standing ovation could not even express proper gratiude and thanks for her immense performance of courageous strength, striking empowerment and openness of hope. 
Two nights ago... And today I am still feeling* like I'm held in a blanket of "safety" in life going forward from the realz of her powerful performance that exemplifies exacly that perseverance and courage from trauma can have light in a dark tunnel... There is fierceness inside all of us when we believe in ourselves and HOPE. 

Robin... I am so grateful for being at *BorderLine Me* to experience *YOU*
I am still taken aback today on how deeply YOUR show, YOU, hit my core.Touched so veryyy deeply... Words cannot express enough... 
YOU are a gift to so many and an inspiration of HOPE and LIGHT. 
I thank you, from the center of my heart as does everyone else who has had the honour of experiencing YOU and Your empowering Show. 
And From every survivor in your audience... 
You are a fierce driving warrior goddess voice of Courage, Hope and Strength. 
I Love You. 
I am forever grateful.


"She made broken look beautiful...
And strong look invisible...
She walked with the Universe on her shoulders and made it look like a pair of wings"

"Do not wait for someone to come and speak for you... It's YOU who can change the world."

Wrapped in the arms of your blanket of safety and hope still, Robin Zee... Thank You.

Jenny F